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Per Nilsson

Om Per Nilsson

I work as associate professor at the department of marine sciences. My field of research is marine environmental protection and nature conservation.  Among the issues I currently work with are marine litter, marine protected areas, marine spatial planning, and marine recreation. This includes interdisciplinary work, in cooperation with e.g. social scientist.

I teach on courses in sustainable management, nature conservation, environmental impact assessment, and other environmental courses.

Much of my time is devoted to giving scientific advice to managers on environmental issues. I work for the Centre for sea and society at GU,  for the Swedish institute for the marine environment , and for the Swedish agency for marine and water management. I am a scientific  representative for Sweden in techical/scientific committees within OSPAR, HELCOM and EU, in particular for the implementation of the Marine strategy framework directive.

I am representing GU in the board for Kosterhavet national park.