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Osa Lundberg


Institutionen för pedagogik, kommunikation och
Pedagogen Hus C, Läroverksgatan 7
41120 Göteborg
Box 300
40530 Göteborg

Om Osa Lundberg

I am employed at the Department of Education, Communication and Learning. I teach and supervise students in the pre-school teacher education program in Early Child Education at the undergraduate level.

I am a former a pre-school teacher with experience from the United States and Sweden. I completed my BA in Early Childhood Education at San Francisco State University before moving to Sweden in 1992 where I completed my masters in 2005 and a degree in teacher education in maths and science for grades 0-2.

In 2015 I completed my PhD with the title Mind the Gap - Ethnography about cultural reproduction of difference and disadvantage in urban education. Using Basin Bernsteins theory on sociology of knowledge, I used the concept pedagogical discourse to examine how difference and disadvantage are constructed through categorization and classification in the content and instruction in everyday schooling practices in grade 9. In conjunction to sociology of knowledge, I also applied critical race theory to examine how race and racism, as analytical constructs, are enacted and conveyed in the planning, construction and realization of school learning.

My theoretical interests include sociology of knowledge, critical multicultural education, critical race theory, knowledge construction and pedagogical work. My research interests concern the cultural reproduction of school knowledge, marginalization, segregation, difference and disadvantage/privileges connected to race and racism through dominant ideologies and beliefs reproduced in schooling. I am interested in how race and racism are played out en enacted in the content, learning and instruction in the everyday practices of schooling.