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Mirek Dymitrow

Om Mirek Dymitrow

Academic degrees
o PhD in Human Geography, University of Gothenburg
o Master of Science with a major in Geography, University of Gothenburg
o Bachelor of Science with a major in Geography, University of Gothenburg

Primary research areas
My areas of concentration include critical, historical, political, social and cultural geography, Science and Technology Studies (STS), social psychology and philosophy of science. My main research is concerned with conceptualization of 'rural/urban' in various European contexts and its material effects. Research interests also include the problematic of knowledge production as well as problems and causes of social deprivation in the face of overarching sustainability goals.


Lund University - Department of Human Geography

Associated scholar
Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities (2019–21)
Nicolaus Copernicus University – Faculty of Earth Sciences (2020–22)
Chalmers University of Technology - Mistra Urban Futures (2017–19)

Research groups
Nature-society relations in a landscape perspective
Cities, Environment, Landscape (CEL)
Mistra Urban Futures

Research projects
Modern outposts of unsustainability
Sociology and psychology of science
Research Forum Urban Rural Gothenburg
SKILLs – Sweden–Kenya Interactive Learning Labs
Food Value Chain
Exploring the role of Gender within Labour Market Integration through North–South Collaboration

Managing editor
Bulletin of Geography. Socio-economic Series (2015–19)

o International Association for Landscape Ecology
o The Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography
o The Geographic Association in Gothenburg

International co-operation
University of Surrey
University of Hull
Nicolaus Copernicus University
University of Silesia 
University of Wrocław
Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences
University American College Skopje
Swansea University
Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities

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  • Kulturgeografi
  • Kritisk geografi
  • Kulturens geografi
  • Historisk geografi
  • STS (Vetenskap, teknologi och samhälle)


  • Kulturgeografi
  • Stad- och landteori
  • Diskursanalys
  • Binärteori
  • Socialgeografi