Martin Ratsch


Institutionen för kemi och
Kemivägen 10
41258 Göteborg
41296 Göteborg

Om Martin Ratsch

My research is focused on 3D covalent organic framework (COF) films.

COFs represent a relatively new class of porous, organic and organized structures, which contain only light elements like B, C, N, H and O. This light version of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) has already shown outstanding properties when it comes to high thermal and hydrothermal stabilities, low weight and high internal surface area. These properties make them highly suitable for applications like separation, catalysis, gas storage or drug delivery. Nevertheless, applications that require mechanical strength, like electronics and electrochemistry, represent a huge challenge, hence mostly small grain powders have been made in the past.


My first project is about the discovery of a new method for the synthesis of ultra-smooth COF-films. Furthermore, we demonstrate the possibility of monitoring the film growth in real time. This achievement offers, for the first time, the possibility to grow defect-free 3D COF films with a defined thickness. That will pave the way for new applications within material and chemical science and overcome former limitations with powdery COFs.