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Om Louise C. Andresen

In order to cover a severe knowledge-gap, it is needed to obtain more empiric knowledge on N and P limitations and shifts between these, in ecosystems at a variety of soil types. Soil fertility and nutrient availability are among the most important resources for feeding our civilization. The sustainable development goal SDG ‘Zero Hunger’ of the United Nations, is to: end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. Through a sustainable management of the ecosystem services soil fertility and nutrient availability the soil nutrient availability can be more optimally used, upon political decisions concerning the land use strategy at a long term perspective. In this way, an area with inherent soil nutrient limitation, would encourage users to avoid agricultural activities, and instead advocate for nature protection (‘Life on land’ SDG); contrastingly, nutrient rich soils can be more extensively used for agriculture and food production, with a sustainable strategy. A threatening nutrient depletion of plants and fodder is predicted as a consequence of climate change and elevated atmospheric CO2. With a deeper empiric understanding of the changing dynamics of the macro nutrients nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) in response to future climate change we will enable predictions of nutrient limitations or richness for a given soil.

Goals of my current research:

  • Conduct combined laboratory essays for determining gross N (Nmin) and P mineralization (Pmin) rates in parallel.
  • Investigate if effects from exposure to elevated CO2 on Pmin, Nmin and depolymerization rate are determined by the inherent soil nutrient limitation status.
  • Adjusting improved experimental methods to assess gross N transfer rates from soil organic N and mineral pools, in a variety of important soil types and weathering stages;

I am PI of BECC -the strategic research area for Biodiversity of Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate


I assist the department as Ordinary Equal Treatment agent at Department of Earth Sciences (Ordinarie likabehandlingsombud)


I am Head of Research Education at Department of Earth Sciences (Studierektor Forskarutbildning)


I am Associate Editor for European Journal of Soil Science (BSSS)