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Leif Holmlid

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Institutionen för kemi och
031-772 34 99
Kemigården 4
412 96 Göteborg
Kemigården 4
412 96 Göteborg

Om Leif Holmlid

 Research and development

We have studied Rydberg Matter formed by hydrogen atoms in detail, and discovered both dense (metallic) and ultra-dense hydrogen H(0). This material is the most stable material that exists and has bond distances in its molecules of a few picometers. Despite this, it is easy to start nuclear reactions in it by for example laser impact, and energy generation above break-even was published several years ago. The nuclear processes generate mesons (kaons and pions) and a large number of muons in each pulse. An intense muon generator working on this principle has been patented. This is the base for building fusion reactors of the muon-catalyzed fusion type. This work is now performed in a company which is partly owned by me and partly by GU Ventures. This company has recently merged with a company in Norway. We plan to have the first such fusion reactor in operation in two years. This will be the first commercial fusion reactor in the world.