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Hans Glimell

Professor emeritus

Institutionen för sociologi och
Skanstorget 18
41122 Göteborg
Box 720
40530 Göteborg

Om Hans Glimell

Academisk bakgrund:

  • 1970 BA, Business Administration, School of Business, Economics and Law, Göteborg University
  • 1975 Ph D, Organization Theory, School of Business, Economics and Law, Göteborg University
  • 1988 Associate professor (docent), Industrial Organization, Linköping University
  • 1997 Professor of Human Technology, Göteborg University.

Present and previous positions: Hans Glimell is since 1998 professor of Science and Technology Studies and Director of the STS Unit, Department of Sociology, University of Göteborg, Sweden. Previously, he served as an Associate professor at the Department of Technology and Social Change at Linköping University in the years 1986-1995, whereas earlier positions included being a research fellow at the Centre for Working Life Research (Stockholm) and at Roskilde University (Denmark), as well as appointments as a civil servant within the Government Administration in Stockholm during 1976-1984. Most recently Glimell participated in an international research group at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (ZIF), the University of Bielefeld. He has also in the last years served as a high-level expert for The European Commission in preparing its Communication on nanotechnology, and as an advisor for the Norwegian Research Council in outlining a national initiative on the converging technologies (i.e. bio-nano-cogno). Research interests: Exploiting a dual background in organisation theory and the sociology or contemporary history of science and innovation, the bulk of Glimell’s scholarly work has concerned institutionalist vis-à-vis performative interpretations of science and technology; science policy regimes; distributed modes of knowledge production; the appropriation of ethnography within STS; the history and politics of scientific management and the work sciences; the sociology of technology-in-use; participatory information system design; the rhetorics, cultures and research practices of nanotechnology.

Current projects: 1. Contributions to the documentation from ”Science in the context of application” (an international project hosted by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, ZIF, University of Bielefeld, 2006-08). (a)”Widening the Scope of Institutions: Science in Interaction” (book anthology in-process; co-editorship with Werner Rammert); (b) (with Torsten Wilholt) ”Conditions of Science: The Three-Way Tension of Freedom, Accountability and Utility” (book chapter). 2. The computer reaching out. (presently in-process: ”Escaping the Cartesian Legacy – A cogno-institutional mapping of the genesis of a transnational social computing society” (book chapter). 3. The policy and research cultures of nanotechnology. 4. New regimes and technologies of city securitization.

Selected publications: (with Mark Elam) ”Knowledge Society as the Republic of Science Enlarged: The Case of Sweden”, in Hans Glimell (ed) Re-Purifying Scientific Authority: The Counter-Intuitive Case of Sweden. STS Research Reports 8, Göteborg University: STS section, 2004.

”Grand Visions and Lilliput Politics: Staging the Exploration of ’The Endless Frontier´”, in Baird et al (eds) Discovering the Nanoscale. Amsterdam: IOS Press, p.231-246, 2004.

”A Nano Narrative: The Micropolitics of a New Generic Enabling Technology”, in Fogelberg and Glimell: Bringing Visibility to the Invisible: Towards a Social Understanding of Nanotechnology. STS Research Reports 6, Göteborg University: STS section, 2003.

”Challenging Limits: Excerpts from an Emerging Ethnography of Nano Physicists”, in Glimell and Juhlin (eds) The Social Production of Technology – On the everyday life with things. Göteborg: BAS Publisher, 2001.

"Bauhaus back in business: IT-elitens kolonialisering av tingen" (New patterns and rationales in the politics of IT design). VEST, no 1-2, Göteborg, 1999.

Den produktiva kroppen. En studie om arbetsvetenskap som idé, praktik och politik (’The Productive Body’: A study of the enrolment of science in the rationalization of industry). Bokförlaget Symposion, Eslöv, 1997.

(with Torsten Wilholt) ”Conditions of Science: The Three-Way Tension of Freedom, Accountability and Utility”, in Carrier, M. (ed) Science, Values and Society (Vol 2, Collection of …), 2009