Hanna Varvne


Gothenburg Research Institute, GRI
Viktoriagatan 13
41125 Göteborg
Box 610
40530 Göteborg

Om Hanna Varvne

Hanna Varvne is a PhD student in business administration at GRI with a background from the maritime shipping industry. Her research project “Towards a theory of energy management through contrasting case studies from the shipping and the manufacturing sectors” is a part of the research school Forskarskola Energisystem in Linköping: https://liu.se/artikel/energiledning-industriforetag-sjofartsindustrin .

Hanna is interested in organizing of energy efficiency in the shipping industry, including energy management, sustainability and innovation in shipping companies. Some of the questions of interest are how technology development and organizational change relate, how company culture influence how shipping companies work with energy management and sustainability, and how shipping companies handle information and uncertain predictions related to this.