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Andreas Engman


Enheten för konsthantverk och fri
Kristinelundsgatan 6-8
41137 Göteborg
Box 131
40530 Göteborg

Om Andreas Engman

Andreas Engman is an artist and educator working and living in Gothenburg. Engman received his MFA in fine art from Valand Academy where he currently holds a position as an adjunct lecturer and is teaching in the fine art department. Engman’s artistic practice is, through a conceptual approach, invested in different modes of institutional critique and alternative pedagogical frameworks, which often takes the shape of installations, performances and discursive events. Turning towards the performative and the corporeal he’s recently interested in the politics of emotions and how expanded notions of institutional critique can be formed by explicitly using affective strategies. 

Another strand in Engman's artistic work is the many political, aestetic and affective intersections of art and food, which he investigates in the Art and Food course and through the collaborative platform AFTERWORKS together with artists Rose Borthwick and Kjell Caminha.

He’s also currently working on a practice based research project investigating the efficacy of ‘scores’ (ie scripts for group action) to address the issues of contemporary art strategies and displacement, exhibitionary impulses and aesthetic regimes in collaboration with Kjell Caminha, Mary Coble and Jeuno Kim. A project that was initiated during a visit with people engaged with Documenta 14 while in Athens. Gothenburg and Athens will both be ‘scored’ and scores will work to determine moments of dialogue, open possibilities of discovery and used to interpret and reflect on these cultural, political and artistic sites.

Recent work includes Let’s Mobilize! What is feminist pedagogy? a three day investigation into queer and feminist pedagogy together with Rose Borthwick, Kanchan Burathoki, Gabo Camnitzer, Mary Coble and Eva Weinmayr held at Valand Academy and The Institute for Potentiality and Actualization: ”Taxidermy of Speculative Gestures - a 21 Day Conference”, a conference held for 21 days at Göteborgs Konsthall as part of the Enact exhibition.

  • Let's Mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy?

    Eva Weinmayr, Mary Coble, Andreas Engman, Rose Borthwick, Kanchan Burathoki
    - 2016-01-01

  • Let’s Mobilize: What is Feminist

    Rose Borthwick, Kanchan Burathoki, Mary Coble, Andreas Engman, Eva Weinmayr
    ● Three-day mobilization: Let’s Mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy took place at Valand Academy, Gothenburg University, SE 12—14 Oct 2016● Online Blog/Archive: Let’s Mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy: http://whatisfeministpedagogy.tumblr.com● Publication/Workbook: Let’s Mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy Workbook (print and online), Valand Academy Gothenburg, AND Publishing London● Krabstadt film screening (Jeuno Kim and Ewa Einhorn): A-Venue Exhibition Space, Gothenburg, SE● Participation in Exploiting Justice Symposium: Processes, Performances and Politics-a multi/ interdisciplinary symposium at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Research, University of Gothenburg, November 27, 2016 - 2016-01-01

  • Dialogues

    Sara Jordenö, Kjell Caminha, Balsam Karam, Andreas Engman, Maximiliam Von Aertryck, Niklas Persson
    - 2015-01-01