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Workshop held on How can we meet the needs for high quality, sustainable and affordable health care?

This was the topic when GPCC organized the first WE CARE workshop in Stockholm last week. The workshop hosted 37 participants from various fields of healthcare, representing more than 10 different countries. This was the first event in a series of workshops which results will be synthesized in a strategic plan and an R&D roadmap for the future EU HEALTH R&D program. The overall aim of WE CARE is to define research areas with break-through potential to safeguard the quality and affordability of healthcare to all EU citizens.

Inger Ekman speaking during the seminar

“We are very grateful for the contributions of ideas before the workshop, and for the enthusiasm to discuss and debate the future of European healthcare last week!” says Inger Ekman, Coordinator of the WE CARE project.

The next workshop will be held in Paris, May 5th and will be hosted by IBM. For more information and to register, please contact Ofer Lavi at: OFERL@il.ibm.com

The WE CARE project will culminate with a congress here at the University of Gothenburg, April 14-15, 2015. A great number of distinguished researchers, policymakers and industry leaders will then be here to finalize the strategic plan and R&D roadmap. Please visit www.we-do-care.eu for more information.