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Many GPCC researchers taking part in Major International Conference HPH 2013

A number of GPCC researchers will be taking part in the HPH 2013 conference:
Towards a more health oriented health services – An issue of body and mind

Several of GPCCs researchers will take part in the 2013 global conference organised by The International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services (HPH), which will take place in GPCCs home town Gothenburg on 22-24 May. Inger Ekman, Qarin Lood, Helle Wijk, Marie Berg, Kerstin Dudas, Ulrika Bengtsson, Jeanette Tenggren Durkan, Irma Lindström, Frida Smith, Ida Björkman and Louise Danielsson will all be there and will be contributing with posters and presentations. Hope to see you there!