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Listen to patients first: BMJ highlights GPCC collaboration partner Radboud Hospital


In September 2014 BMJ ran a feature article on Dutch Radboud hospital which is famous for having turned round a failing hospital with death rates three times the national average to one of the best in Europe and a model for patient participation.

Read the article here.

 Inger Ekman speaking at Radboud university.GPCC Centre Director Inger Ekman has just been to Radboud to participate in a conference for both patients and professionals about patient involvement in health care called “Nothing about me without me”. Radboud also collaborates with us on GPCC-led EU-project WE-CARE, which aims to create a strategic plan and a roadmap for how research and innovation within healthcare can help reduce healthcare costs.

Professor Bas Bloem works at Radboud. Watch his humourous and poignant TedX talk explaining the change needed in MDs attitude towards patients: From God to guide.