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GPCC bjuder in till metodseminarium 18 mars: Patient Reported Outcomes


GPCC seminar: Patient Reported Outcomes, March 18th 2011

Time: 12.30 – 15.00 pm
Location: Östra Sjukhuset, huvudentrén centralkliniken, hiss A, plan 2,  studentcentrum (research center), brevid GPCCs lokaler.

Part I: Begin with the end in mind: regulatory requirements for new Patient Report Outcomes instruments
Part II: Development, inclusion and implementation of PROs in Heart Disease

Invited speakers:

Lena Ring, PhD
Current position as Principal Scientist in Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) Strategy at HEOR. She has been responsible for developing and implementing best practices for the patient-reported outcomes (PRO) Strategic work for phase II and phase III drug trials in several projects. She is also adjunct Associate Professor in the Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research group at Uppsala University. Her research focuses on enhancing the application of PRO Instruments in clinical research and practice to improve the quality of care for patients. This includes the development of PRO measures using qualitative and quantitative methodologies and integration of PRO data in research and healthcare delivery to inform decision-making.

Stefan Höfer, PhD, MSc, FESC
Associate Professor (clinical psychology) at the Innsbruck Medical University. His main research expertise lies within the field of patient-reported outcome and he has developed and co-developed various international patient-reported outcome measures in different medical settings. Stefan has run clinical trials to implement patient-reported outcome measures into clinical practice to improve patient care. Further research aspects focus on motivational interventions to improve a healthy lifestyle, particular in the area of cardiology. Teaching areas include questionnaire development, patient-doctor communication skills and quality of life/wellbeing.

For more information, please contact Karin Kjellgren, karin.kjellgren@fhs.gu.se

To register please contact Lisa Memborn.