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A full day of masters presentations, covering a broad range of topics including effects from scrubber waters, endocrine disrupting chemicals, inflow and infiltration water in wastewater system, land use emissions in Eskilstuna, influence of religion and religiosity on fertility and contraceptive use, and where can you find renewable charging stations for your electric vehicle?

26 maj 2021
09:00 - 15:00
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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Local: Zoom https://gu-se.zoom.us/j/62960056238

Note there will be short breaks in between the presentations.

9.00: Welcome and Introduction

9.05-9.50: Fanny Bodin (ES2530, 45 hp)
"The effects of EDC mixtures and their individual chemicals on metabolism"
Supervisor: Joachim Sturve
Examiner: Malin Celander
Opponent: Alice Mellring

10:00-10:55: Alice Mellring (ES2520, 60 hp)
"The ecotoxicological effects of MARPOL ANNEX VI: analysing the closed loop scrubber wash water and the mixed toxicity on Stickleback and Blue mussel"
Supervisor: Joachim Sturve
Examiner: Ingela Dahllöf
Opponent: Fanny Bodin

11:05-11:50: Edvinas Pocius (ES2571, 45 hp)
"Inflow and infiltration water in wastewater system – Analysis of the best practices" 
Supervisor: Ingela Dahllöf, Krister Törneke (Tyréns AB), Tommy Giertz (Stockholm Vatten och Avfall AB)
Examiner: Johan Höjesjö
Opponent: Leah Herrera

12:00: Lunch

13:00-13:45: Simaz Moustafa (ES2561, 45 hp)
"Land use emission in Eskilstuna municipality" 
Supervisor: Annemieke Gärdenäs
Examiner: Håkan Pleijel
Opponent: Nicola Turner

13:50-14:45: Nicola Turner (ES2521, 60 hp)
"Influence of Religion and Religiosity on Fertility and Contraceptive Use in Continental Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comprehensive Review"
Supervisor: Frank Götmark
Examiner: Lennart Bornmalm
Opponent: Simaz Moustafa

14:50-15:30: Leah Herrera (ES2500, 30 hp)
"The Electric Vehicle disconnect – where are the renewable charging stations?"
Supervisor: Erik Thomson
Examiner: Mattias Hallquist
Opponent: Edvinas Pocius