Göteborgs universitet

Conference: 20 Years of the Quality of Government Research: taking stock and moving forward

Gothenburg, May 20-22, 2024.

The Quality of Government (QoG) Institute (established in 2004) turns 20. During these years, the QoG Institute has directed attention of scholars and policy-makers to issues such as impartiality in the exercise of public power, professionalism in public service delivery, effective measures against corruption, and meritocracy instead of patronage and nepotism.

We celebrate the anniversary of the QoG Institute with an international conference to take stock of the accumulated knowledge and to discuss the avenues for further research. We invite scholars interested in Quality of Government, understood in a broad sense, to take part in the conference. We welcome papers engaging with theoretical and empirical questions related to the quality of government and employing diverse methodological approaches. Among others, we are interested in the following topics:

  • Philosophical foundations of quality of government and governance;
  • Definitions and measurements of state and bureaucratic capacity;
  • Cross-national and within-country variations in government capacity, quality, and effectiveness;
  • Effects of different features of public institutions on broader outcomes such as socio-economic development, corruption prevention, policy implementation, regulatory quality and entrepreneurship, scientific productivity and innovation, economic activities or infrastructure efficiency, and environmental outcomes;
  • Applications of QoG to non-Western countries: to what extent do concepts such as government capacity, quality of government, and bureaucratic impartiality, which have mostly been developed in a Western context, travel to other world regions?