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GOT KIES - Gothenburg center for Knowledge-intensive Innovative Ecosystems

The network focuses upon ecosystems, and their impact on society, in Sweden and internationally. Our approach to a knowledge-intensive innovative ecosystem takes into account the key role of innovation, entrepreneurship, and diverse types of scientific, technological and creative knowledge from multiple types of actors in building and maintaining a social and economic system.

GOT KIES conceptualize knowledge-intensive ecosystems as processes spanning social and economic novelty. A key function of knowledge-intensive ecosystems is to promote the interaction between academics, large firms, public organizations and entrepreneurs to create and transform knowledge into innovations, which can revolutionize societal well-being and spur economic growth

Through the network, scholars from different disciplines and external actors analyze and reflect upon the interactions between technology, society, and economy, in order to understand what is driving transformation and change.

Goals and Aims

Our purposes are to:

  1. Stimulate world-class research on knowledge-intensive innovative ecosystems
  2. Promote societal impact and societal dialogue on these topics, with the surrounding society.

Our aim is to help the University of Gothenburg and partner universities to develop proficiency in new scientific methods as well as stimulate creativity in theoretical reflection in multi-disciplinary collaboration; to promote close scientific inquiry into key topics in society; and to interact in dialogue with academia as well as with society on a regional, national and international basis.

Thus, the aims of our activities include: Stimulating a creative environment for lively debates over fundamental research issues; Impacting graduate students; and Being a gateway to society and impacting the university as an organization.

Thereby, the purpose of the center is to establish strong links across organizational boundaries in order to promote scientific excellence in own field as well as new combinations, including future applications, co-authored articles, and joint projects.

Maureen McKelvey
Foto: Carina Gran

Director of the network

Maureen McKelvey

Phone: +46 31 786 1442