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Göteborgs universitet

Elio Bottagisio

Startår: 2020

Titel: "Land use management on converting high emitting drained organic soils into areas with negative emissions"

Cole Brachmann

Startår: 2019

Titel: Importance of trophic interactions for mycorrhizal dynamics across the Arctic


Tzu Tung (Sassa) Chen

Startår: 2018

Titel: Climate change impacts on human health in the pre-industrial era - combining paleoclimate data and ancient DNA

Salar Karam

Startår: 2019

Titel: Why is the deep Arctic Ocean Warming?

Julia Kukulies

Startår: 2018

Titel: Dynamics and importance of convection in the Tibetan Plateau region. Satellite observations vs. model simulations


Hui-Wen Lai

Startår: 2018

Titel: Dynamics and importance of convection for precipitation in the Third Pole region: model simulations


Michelle Nygren

Startår: 2017

Titel: The impact of climate change on groundwater resources in Sweden.


Aurora Patchett

Startår: 2019

Titel: Understanding Arctic browning from macro to micro

Gustaf Peterson

Startår: 2015

Titel: The glacial geology of southern Sweden – focus on hummocky terrain and related landforms as revealed by LiDAR elevation data

Axel Sjöqvist

Startår: 2015

Titel: The origin of abundant rare elements in Norra Kärr

Petter Stridbeck 

Startår: 2021

Bo Su

Från september 2019 till februari 2021

Title: Cryospheric meltwater services and socio-ecological systems resilience in arid inland region, northwest China

Pramod Surendran

Titel: Water operations in urban/rural areas: permits, investigations, technical measures and monitoring

Nils Wallenberg

Startår: 2017

Titel: Predicting outdoor thermal comfort in urban areas – Implications for climate sensitive design


Magdalena Wallman

Startår: 2014

Titel: "Closing the nitrogen budget in arable fields with different fertilisation"