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SQC – Sustainable Quality Coordination: How to Coordinate Governance of Social Services and Health Care for Frail Older Persons

Pågående forskning
2018 - 2021
Department of social work

The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life, and Welfare (Forte): Research Programme on the Quality, Organization, and Processes of Welfare – In the Time of COVID-19 (extended mission)

Kort beskrivning

The research project Sustainable Quality Coordination rests on interdisciplinary research on how to coordinate governance of local social care services and regional health care for frail older persons. The purpose is to study the political governance of sustainable quality coordination. The case is Sweden, which decentralized model of managing the organization and processes horizontally by collaboration in coordination bodies – by politicians and administrators representing local government’s social services and regional government’s health care, public and private service providers, and representatives of local-regional associations and interest organizations – is increasingly challenged by centralized coordination through vertical networks, markets and hierarchy. The aim is to make quality coordination of integrated care sustainable.