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A Philosophic View of the Ocean and Humanity

Författare Anders Omstedt
ISBN ISBN 978-3-030-36679-7
Förlag Springer Nature
Förlagsort Springer Nature Switzerland AG
Publiceringsår 2020
Publicerad vid Institutionen för marina vetenskaper
Språk en
Länkar https://www.springer.com/gp/book/97...
Ämnesord Ocean, coastal seas, climate change, environmental change, connecting science and the arts, sustainability, oceanography, psychology, philosophy.
Ämneskategorier Klimatforskning, Miljövetenskap, Oceanografi


This book is about the ocean and about the future. It is written in two modes, a concerned analytical scientific mode and an intuitive artistic mode in which the ocean is given a voice. The disconnect in the relationship between human dependency on and treatment of the ocean is examined in a dialogue between these two modes. The book illustrates how science and the arts can be connected to increase our awareness of the state of the ocean and support behavioural change. The book is intended for university students and researchers, but will speak to anyone who would like to contribute to the sustainable use of the ocean. The ocean’s services to humankind are enormous and fundamental, and their value is inestimable. A change in human attitudes towards the ocean should be based on something other than simplistic and reductive economic costing. The attitude change needs to be based on a fundamental shift in our understanding of human values and how we interact with one another and with our environment. Antidotes to narrow thinking, fragmented vision, alienation, despair, and fear involve the integration of curiosity, courage, listening, hope, and simplicity in daily life. The beauty and vulnerability of both the ocean and humanity are facts that can inspire improved health and harmony, a vision well formulated by the United Nations in its 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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