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Between politics and management: Governing large carnivores in Fennoscandia

Kapitel i bok
Författare Annelie Sjölander Lindqvist
Camilla Sandström
Jani Pellika
Juha Hiedanpää
Olve Krange
Sketil Skogen
Publicerad i Large Carnivore Conservation and Management: Human Dimensions, Edited by Tasos Hovardas,
Sidor 22
ISBN 9781138039995
Förlag Routledge
Förlagsort London
Publiceringsår 2018
Publicerad vid Gothenburg Research Institute (GRI)
Sidor 22
Språk en
Länkar https://www.routledge.com/Large-Car...
Ämnesord carnivore, conservation, managment
Ämneskategorier Socialantropologi


Environmental collaborative governance or decentralization are increasingly promoted as useful means to manage conflicting goals and to balance different interests with regard to large carnivores. In Finland, Norway, and Sweden, new approaches to large carnivore governance and management have emerged since 2000, each including some elements of collaborative governance or decentralization of authority. In all three cases, the processes are assumed, or at least hoped to, result in the sharing of information and knowledge, joint agreements, dialogues, and conflict mitigation measures. When comparing the different modes of governance applied in the three countries, it becomes apparent that there is no panacea, quick fix, or blueprint for a single type of governance mode that has the capacity to accommodate multiple objectives and activities. While the countries have tried to successively adjust their governance systems to handle identified weaknesses, considerable efforts could still be undertaken to share experiences and best practices between the countries. This includes aspects such as the design of institutions and the setup of participatory processes for planning and management.

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