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Navigating migrant trajectories through private actors: Burmese labour migration to Malaysia

Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift
Författare Anja K. Franck
Emanuelle Brandström Arellano
Joseph Trawicki Anderson
Publicerad i European Journal of East Asian Studies
Volym 17
Nummer/häfte 1
Sidor 55-82
ISSN 15680584
Publiceringsår 2018
Publicerad vid Institutionen för globala studier, freds- och utvecklingsforskning
Sidor 55-82
Språk en
Länkar https://doi.org/10.1163/15700615-01...
Ämnesord Malaysia, migrant agency, migrant trajectories, migration industry, myanmar
Ämneskategorier Internationell Migration och Etniska Relationer (IMER), Freds- och utvecklingsforskning


Recent research on the 'migration industry' has provided a means to interrogate how private actors come to be used as a means to facilitate, direct and control migration. Both through incorporating private actors into security functions and outsourcing certain functions to labour brokers, the use of migration industry actors is an important part of the ways in which the state works to maintain its sovereign control over territory and the ways people move across it. Yet this is not the only way in which migration industry actors are used. Instead, private actors also play a key role for migrants, although attention towards how migrants themselves perceive and use these actors during the migration process has received far less attention. Using timelines of migrant trajectories from Burma/Myanmar to Malaysia, the following study therefore sets out to map the private actors involved in the migrants' projects to travel to and stay in Malaysia - and to investigate how these actors are strategically used by migrants as a means to increase their room to manoeuvre during the migration process. In approaching this, the study combines literature on the privatisation and commercialisation of international migration with scholarship on migration trajectories and migrant agency. Empirically the study builds upon fieldwork conducted in the Burmese migrant community in the city of George Town in northern Malaysia.

Sidansvarig: Webbredaktion|Sidan uppdaterades: 2012-09-11

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