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Guidelines and recommendations on yeast cell death nomenclature

Författare D. Carmona-Gutierrez
M. A. Bauer
A. Zimmermann
A. Aguilera
N. Austriaco
K. Ayscough
R. Balzan
S. Bar-Nun
A. Barrientos
P. Belenky
M. Blondel
R. J. Braun
M. Breitenbach
W. C. Burhans
S. Buttner
D. Cavalieri
M. Chang
K. F. Cooper
M. Corte-Real
V. Costa
C. Cullin
I. Dawes
J. Dengjel
M. B. Dickman
T. Eisenberg
B. Fahrenkrog
N. Fasel
K. U. Frohlich
A. Gargouri
S. Giannattasio
P. Goffrini
C. W. Gourlay
C. M. Grant
M. T. Greenwood
N. Guaragnella
T. Heger
J. Heinisch
E. Herker
J. M. Herrmann
S. Hofer
A. Jimenez-Ruiz
H. Jungwirth
K. Kainz
D. P. Kontoyiannis
P. Ludovico
S. Manon
E. Martegani
C. Mazzoni
L. A. Megeney
C. Meisinger
J. Nielsen
Thomas Nyström
H. D. Osiewacz
T. F. Outeiro
H. O. Park
T. Pendl
D. Petranovic
S. Picot
P. Polcic
T. Powers
M. Ramsdale
M. Rinnerthaler
P. Rockenfeller
C. Ruckenstuhl
R. Schaffrath
M. Segovia
F. F. Severin
A. Sharon
S. J. Sigrist
C. Sommer-Ruck
M. J. Sousa
J. M. Thevelein
K. Thevissen
V. Titorenko
M. B. Toledano
M. Tuite
F. N. Vogtle
B. Westermann
J. Winderickx
S. Wissing
S. Wolfl
Z. J. J. Zhang
R. Y. Zhao
B. Zhou
L. Galluzzi
G. Kroemer
F. Madeo
Publicerad i Microbial Cell
Volym 5
Nummer/häfte 1
Sidor 4-31
ISSN 2311-2638
Publiceringsår 2018
Publicerad vid Institutionen för biomedicin
Sidor 4-31
Språk en
Länkar dx.doi.org/10.15698/mic2018.01.607
Ämnesord accidental cell death, apoptosis, autophagic cell death, autophagy, caspases, mitochondrial, life-span extension, epstein-barr-virus, mitochondrial permeability, transition, endoplasmic-reticulum stress, oxygen species production, model podospora-anserina, caspase-like activity, cytochrome-c release, dna strand breaks, in-situ detection, Cell Biology
Ämneskategorier Cellbiologi


Elucidating the biology of yeast in its full complexity has major implications for science, medicine and industry. One of the most critical processes determining yeast life and physiology is cellular demise. However, the investigation of yeast cell death is a relatively young field, and a widely accepted set of concepts and terms is still missing. Here, we propose unified criteria for the definition of accidental, regulated, and programmed forms of cell death in yeast based on a series of morphological and biochemical criteria. Specifically, we provide consensus guidelines on the differential definition of terms including apoptosis, regulated necrosis, and autophagic cell death, as we refer to additional cell death routines that are relevant for the biology of (at least some species of) yeast. As this area of investigation advances rapidly, changes and extensions to this set of recommendations will be implemented in the years to come. Nonetheless, we strongly encourage the authors, reviewers and editors of scientific articles to adopt these collective standards in order to establish an accurate framework for yeast cell death research and, ultimately, to accelerate the progress of this vibrant field of research.

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