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Tradition, modernitet och förnyelse: Elisabeth Beskow och hennes författarskap decennierna kring sekelskiftet 1900

Författare Ulrika Lagerlöf Nilsson
Datum för examination 2017-12-15
Opponent at public defense Aud Valborg Tønnessen
ISBN 978-951-765-875-1
Förlag Åbo Akademis förlag
Förlagsort Åbo
Publiceringsår 2017
Publicerad vid
Språk sv
Länkar https://www.doria.fi/bitstream/hand...
Ämnesord Beskow, Runa, kvinnlig författare, uppbyggelseberättelse, modernisering, modernitet, biografi, 1800-tal, 1900-tal
Ämneskategorier Kyrkohistoria, Religionsvetenskap, Bok- och bibliotekshistoria, Historia


The aim of this thesis has been to study the Swedish author Elisabeth Beskow (1870–1928, pen name Runa) and her authorship at the inter- section between tradition and renewal. Her books became widely spread in the Nordic countries as well as in Europe and the United States. Elisabeth Beskow’s life task was proclaiming God’s word for the sake of people’s well-being and salvation. Her ideal was a mo- dern Christian human being meeting the new society with personal faith that enabled her or him to navigate among the moral pitfalls of the time. The stories in the books conveyed a message considered important to spread in a society where secularization in various ways was becoming an increasingly noticeable element. Elisabeth Beskow was active in a transition between tradition, modernity and renewal. It is at the intersection of these three con- cepts that a vital part of her life and activities took place. Different types of source material have been used and analyzed to present more nuanced research results on Elisabeth Beskow and her activities than those found in earlier studies and descriptions of her. A more challenging image of Elisabeth Beskow as an individual and author has been presented and constitutes the basis for further discussion. This study shows that Elisabeth Beskow was depicted as a liberal pioneer, with her gaze focused on modern society and the courage to dare to offer alternative interpretations and thoughts. At the same time she was characterized by her Christian conservative approach. Carrying out a study focusing on authorship, literary production and contemporary reviews of that literary production has involved a new research perspective not previously implemented in similar studies by authors studying the genre of edifying religious literature. This dissertation is therefore the first comprehensive scientific work on Elisabeth Beskow and her authorship.

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