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Personal and professional development effects of involving interns as responsible for improvement processes

Poster (konferens)
Författare Kristoffer Björkman
Ellinor Almquist
Ulla Strandman
Paulin Andréll
Caterina Finizia
Publicerad i AMEE 2014, 30 August - 3 September 2014, Milan, Italy
Publiceringsår 2014
Publicerad vid
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Ämneskategorier Hälso- och sjukvårdsorganisation, hälsopolitik och hälsoekonomi


Background: Program Directors at Sahlgrenska University Hospital operate a continuous improvement process (CIP) in which they involve the ~100 concurrent interns. An Intern Council (IC) with 14 members was formed to better enable interns to actively participate in the development and improvement of their training. IC members collect input from interns which is delivered in a structured form to program directors. The IC is also consulted by the program directors and works closely together with them on CIP issues. Summary of Work: We have performed a survey to evaluate the personal and professional development (PPD) of IC members. The survey included 38 Likert scale questions where the members reported their own perception of PPD related to their IC involvement. Summary of Results: Results from the survey show that IC members have gained experience that contribute to strengthen personal development, leadership and communication skills. Participants also highlighted improved skills in meetings management and team work. Furthermore, results indicate they had gained an increased ability and interest in terms of organizational structure, improvement processes and management within the clinical setting. Discussion and Conclusions: The IC structure for continuous improvement has earlier been shown to be effective for the interns as a group and for the quality of training. This evaluation has shown that the work as an IC member is of great value in terms of PPD. The survey will be repeated for longitudinal evaluation. Take-home messages: The Intern Council system has been of great benefit to personal and professional development of member interns.

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