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The 2014 Magnetism Roadma… - Göteborgs universitet Till startsida
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The 2014 Magnetism Roadmap

Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift
Författare R. L. Stamps
S. Breitkreutz
Johan Åkerman
A. V. Chumak
Y. Otani
G. E. W. Bauer
J. U. Thiele
M. Bowen
S. A. Majetich
M. Klaui
I. L. Prejbeanu
B. Dieny
N. M. Dempsey
B. Hillebrands
V. P. Nada
Publicerad i Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics
Volym 47
Nummer/häfte 33
ISSN 0022-3727
Publiceringsår 2014
Publicerad vid Institutionen för fysik (GU)
Språk en
Länkar dx.doi.org/10.1088/0022-3727/47/33/...
Ämnesord magnetism, magnetic materials, spintronics, domain wall, magnetic recording, biomagnetism, IRON-OXIDE NANOPARTICLES, DOT CELLULAR-AUTOMATA, ROOM-TEMPERATURE, DOMAIN-WALLS, SPIN-TORQUE, TUNNEL-JUNCTIONS, PERMANENT-MAGNETS, REMOTE-CONTROL, DRIVEN, MEMORY, Physics, Applied
Ämneskategorier Fysik


Magnetism is a very fascinating and dynamic field. Especially in the last 30 years, there have been many major advances in a range of areas from novel fundamental phenomena to new products. Applications such as hard disc drives and magnetic sensors are part of our daily life and new applications, such as in non-volatile computer random access memory, are expected to surface shortly. Thus it is an opportune time for describing the current status and current and future challenges in the form of a roadmap article. The 2014 Magnetism Roadmap provides a view on several selected, presently very active innovative developments. It consists of twelve sections, each written by an expert in the field and addressing a specific subject, with a strong emphasis on future potential. This Roadmap cannot cover the entire field. Several highly relevant areas have been selected without attempting to provide a full review - a future update will aim to address further. The scope covers mostly nanomagnetic phenomena and applications, where surfaces and interfaces provide additional functionality. New developments in fundamental topics such as interacting nanoelements, novel magnon-based spintronics concepts, spin-orbit torques and spin-caloric phenomena are addressed. New materials such as organic magnetic materials and permanent magnets are covered. New applications are presented such as nanomagnetic logic, non-local and domain-wall based devices, heat-assisted magnetic recording, magnetic random access memory and applications in biotechnology. This Roadmap acts to serve as a guideline for future emerging research directions in modern magnetism.

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