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Teaching dance to relucta… - Göteborgs universitet Till startsida
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Teaching dance to reluctant students at Junior High School and Secondary School

Paper i proceeding
Författare Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt
Publicerad i Proceedings of Contemporary Dance Didactics: Explorations in Theory and Practice (video)
Publiceringsår 2012
Publicerad vid Högskolan för scen och musik
Språk en
Länkar youtu.be/mAuyCk2-grg
Ämnesord dance, pedagogy, dance teaching, dance didactics, dance for children, skapande skola
Ämneskategorier Scenkonst, Pedagogik


With the development of dance in school and the project Skapande Skola (Creative School) in Sweden there is a need to define the subject dance and how to teach it in a non-dance school. Why do we need dance in school? Why should we teach dance to students who do not want it? Which dance technique should we choose to teach? Are dance teachers invited to school to make students happy and physically fit? How can we make dance as relevant as Maths and English? Should I, a 44 years old choreographer, gain the student´s interest by showing some cool moves? When I was a choreographer-in-residence at at a junior high school for one year, I encountered some difficulties that I wish to share. I set up a programme where I wanted to research dance together with the students. They were allowed to say they hated to dance, and they were not forced to dance. I told the students I wished to show them the dance they did not know. I danced with them and for them. I invited my dancer colleaugues, a dance critic, and a choreographer with a different dance technique and we also watched and discussed dance films together. I created a dance blog for the students and the teachers to follow. Some parts of my programme were very successfull, some less - and I will try to analyse why. I wish to encourage other dance teachers and choreographers involved in dance in school-programmes to do what I have done. I also argue for the importance of a thorough preparation for such a project. Invited dancers and choreographers need to be informed of and prepared for unwritten rules and harsh realities of school. School teachers need to be prepared - and willing - to invite dance.

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