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The computer – A tool for an independent life?

Paper i proceeding
Författare Inger Berndtsson
Publicerad i Conference Proceedings International Mobility Conference No. 8, Trondheim and Melhus Norway, May 10–19, 1996. Eds. J M Tellevik & G E Haugum, Tambartun National Resource Center for Special Education of the Visually Impaired
Sidor 283–286
ISBN 82-991404-32-0
Publiceringsår 1996
Publicerad vid Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik, enheten för Specialpedagogik
Sidor 283–286
Språk en
Ämnesord ICT. visual impairment, special education
Ämneskategorier Pedagogik


How can visually impaired and blind people use computers as technical aids at home? What equipment is necessary and how difficult is it to learn to operate such equipment? How can the computer become part of the daily life of the visually impaired? These were the questions from which we started a project (1991-1994) in which we provided technical equipment to eight adults (33-72 years old) for use in their homes. The equipment supplied was mainly for reading, writing, and other communication, such as CD-ROM, scanner/OCR, fax and electronic newspapers. The method of analysis used in the study is primarily qualitative and based on grounded theory. The data is gathered through observations, interviews and questionnaires of participants and their relatives. Introducing everyday home use of a computer is a complicated process. The interface between the person and the equipment is of prime importance, as is the existence of a goal for the particular application. In addition it was apparent that participents have varying strategies for the use and field of application. Four categories of application has been analyzed. The computer is seen as a part of the rehabilitation process for the individuals (in the project) This rehabilitation includes psychological and sociological as well as pedagogical processes. Bronfenbrenner's theory on the ecology of human development is used as a frame for interpretation and understanding of the process of application.

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