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Use of ICTs and mental health during isolation in COVID-19 times

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Welcome to a talk in the Communication Research Seminar Series with Carlos Mauricio Castaño Díaz, Senior Lecturer in Communication.

7 jun 2022
13:00 - 14:30

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The seminar is part of the Communication Research Seminar series, organized by the Division of Cognition and Communication. It is open for staff and students. The talk will take place at Lindholmen and online. Carlos Mauricio Castaño Díaz is Senior Lecturer in Communication at the Department of Applied, at the University of Gothenburg.


COVID-19 hit the world in a sudden and unprecedented way, with guidelines, restrictions, and societal adaptation processes which have not been seen before in the contemporary world. Among all this shift, ICTs presented themselves as crucial tools for facilitating work and everyday life (including social life), maintaining the world connected and working.

Because of this, we decided to inquire the role of ICTs in people lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The present talk summarises the results of two pieces of research (under revision) we conducted in 2020, which explored the relationship between people use of ICTs (telephone, TV, live stream, video games, and social media) during periods of isolation due to the pandemic, and mental health (anxiety, stress, and coping mechanisms).