The British Council’s work in language assessment and education: flexing between local and global needs

Utbildning & lärande

Seminarium med Dr Jamie Dunlea, Manager och Senior Researcher vid British Council’s Assessment Research Group.

17 maj 2022
14:00 - 16:00

Varmt välkomna till vårens sista seminarium i Kollegiet för språkpedagogik då vi gästas av Dr Jamie Dunlea, Manager och Senior Researcher vid British Council’s Assessment Research Group.

Under seminariet ges en introduktion till British Council och det arbete som bedrivs där, inte minst om utveckling av prov- och bedömningsmaterial i engelska. Vidare diskuteras engelskans framtida roll i en alltmer globaliserad värld. Seminariet hålls på engelska.

Seminariet hålls tisdag 17 maj kl 14.00-16.00 via Zoom. Vänligen kontakta Åsa Sebestyen för tillgång till möteslänk.


Abstract och presentation

This talk will have 3 parts which will lay the groundwork for a dynamic discussion delving into any or all of those
parts of interest to the participants during the second half of the seminar.

Part 1: The introduction will provide a general overview to the British Council’s structure and diverse nature. This part will give a brief overview of the British Council’s “DNA” with a particular focus on its historical and current work in assessment and education.

Part 2: We will zoom in on some of the major developments in the British Council’s work in language assessment over the last decade. This section will look in particular at the development and validation of the Aptis test system. The talk will discuss the principles which underpin the design and ongoing use of the test system, with a particular focus on the tensions and synergies presented by two ends of a spectrum of test development: globally neutral and locally appropriate / specific.

Part 3: We will zoom out again to a give an overview of a major recent British Council initiative: the Future of English project.

Phase 1 took as its starting point David Graddol’s The future of English? and English Next (Graddol, 1997; 2006) publications. During 2021, we evaluated the predictions Graddol made about the growth and change in the global use of English in the first 2 decades of the 21st century, and then looked forward by mapping out the trends, challenges and opportunities for English as a global language over the next decade.

Phase 2 stress tested these new insights through a series of global roundtables with policy makers and influencers from 49 countries.

Phase 3 will present a publication summarizing the findings of the previous phases and propose a research agenda and call to action around gathering data to map and track the key trends identified in Phase 2.

About the presenter:

Dr Jamie Dunlea, Manager and Senior Researcher at the British Council’s Assessment Research Group Jamie is a senior researcher and manager of the British Council’s Assessment Research Group. He has a PhD in language testing from the Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment (CRELLA). He works on a range of language test development and validation projects for the British Council, as well as collaborating with researchers and organisations internationally. Jamie has advised Ministries of Education and national agencies on assessment reform projects, overseen research for collaborative, international projects such as linking UK examinations to China’s Standards of English (CSE) and is active in the language assessment research community. He joined the British Council in 2013 after heading validation research at the Eiken Foundation, a not-for-profit organization which develops and administers EFL examinations in Japan. He has over 25 years of experience working in EFL education, first as a teacher, then in test development and assessment research.