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Sustainable Management of Cultural Landscapes Online Conference Invitation

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The strategic partnership on Sustainable Management of Cultural Landscapes includes 13 partners from 10 countries. The project has a number of outputs as a result of productive cooperation of higher education institutions in the field of cultural landscapes and heritage studies. The Department of Conservation is the project leader.

12 okt 2020
10:00 - 13:00
Sista anmälningsdag
9 oktober 2020

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The whole event will be presented through zoom and the link will be provided after registration

Cultural landscapes can be understood in many perspectives and what they share is the material and intangible consequences of humanity’s interaction with the landscape in a broad variety of different areas and contents. The issues motivating this strategic partnership build on the experiences and competencies of the partners and rest in a number of issues such as:

  • how to organise stakeholders into a sustainable governance structures;
  • how to identify, describe and interpret material and intangible properties of the landscape;
  • how to develop strategies for valuation, preservation, development; and
  • how to develop sustainable local economies out of identified qualities of the landscape.

The objective of this partnership is through a number of case studies approach these issues as inroads to development of courses and didactic resources to be used on master’s level.

Program October 12

10:00-12:00 Presentation of the Landsupport software and its functionalities

13:00-16:00 Workshop: working with and discussion on some of the functions

To register contact: sandor@conservation.gu.se, or bosse.lagerqvist@conservation.gu.se

Upcoming conferences

You are invited to join the following three on-line conferences with SUMCULA partners, for developing the resources in education, research and in the territory of sustainable cultural landscapes.

October 12: on the Land support software: applications for SUMCULA

November 16: on case studies and the virtual didactic material (‘the SUMCULA Book’)

December 14: on the MSc framework for cooperating in Sustainable Management of Cultural Landscapes