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Sten Jönsson
Foto: Hillevi Nagel

Sten Jönsson: När molnen hopar sig

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Sten Jönsson, professor emeritus i företagsekonomi på GRI, presenterar sin nya bok: När molnen hopar sig. Boken bygger på djupintervjuer med ledande företagare. Hur ser framtiden ut för svenskt näringsliv? Välkommen till det här lunchwebbinariet som anordnas av forskningsprogrammet Bank Management på GRI.

6 apr 2021
12:00 - 13:00

Sten Jönsson, Professor Emeritus i företagsekonomi, GRI på Handelshögskolan/Göteborgs universitet
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Gothenburg Research Institute på Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs universitet


 In 1995 I published a book (Goda Utsikter) based on interviews with about 20 of te most respected business leaders. In conclusion I made a couple of prophesies; 1) Technological differentiation will cause challenges and 2) Divisional structure is unsuitable for Swedish corporations (ok for US firms with their huge hoe market). Therefore the strategy process should be looked upon as ”focusing, mobilizing, breakthrough, stabilizing” (i.e. as betterment projects).

Now there is a follow up book (När molnen hopar sig) with the same design.

The prophesies are largely confirmed, but  some new ones are posted:

1) Focus is on ”customer-value-in-use” which requires closeness to the customer and service (not only engineering of products) and the related need for talent management,

2) the old fashioned idea that the board of directors could take an active part (beside asking questions) in the strategy process is unrealistic. It was unrealistic in 1932 and it is more unrealistic today with the increased complexity and tempo. (Management by objectives is not ambitious enough/bonuses do not do the trick).