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Spatial expansion in peri-urban zones of small rural towns in South Africa

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This workshop showcase research findings, discusses ecosystem services and analyzes cases studies from small rural towns in South Africa and Sweden.

25 nov 2020
10:00 - 11:30
Sista anmälningsdag
20 november 2020

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The aim of the workshop is to showcase the research findings from the SASUF Project (2018-2020) on ‘Spatial challenges from peri-urban expansion of small rural towns in South Africa’.

The research targets current urbanization trends in South Africa’s marginalized peri-urban areas of small rural towns where the demand for services such as housing, water, sanitation, electricity, schools, health clinics, work opportunities, and transport facilities is rapidly growing. In addition, the ecosystem services and benefits derived from the ecological functions of the natural ecosystems are also discussed. These services are crucial for well-being of people, and development planning for peri-urban zones of small rural towns more generally. In the workshop, the findings from cases studies of Makhado Biaba and other small rural towns in South Africa are presented and analyzed. The best practices on similar experiences from Sweden are also showcased. 

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