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Slutseminarium: Jonas Bertilsson

Samhälle & ekonomi

Jonas Bertilsson, doktorand i sociologi, presenterar avhandlingsprojektet "The Governance of Global Climate Finance – managing contradictions and conflicts in the Green Climate Fund". Ordförande: Göran Sundqvist

9 jun 2021
13:15 - 15:00

Monika Berg, Örebro universitet (extern kommentator)
Kerstin Jacobsson, Göteborgs universitet (intern kommentator)
Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Beskrivning av seminariet/avhandlingen på engelska.

"Global climate governance is one of the most ‘wicked’ problems of world politics today. The contentiousness of the many issues that need to be solved in order to manage climate change, sometimes implying that they are pushed into the future.

The reluctance or the inability of solving conflictual issues at these climate meetings means that many problems are delegated to organizations within the UNFCCC system developed to manage climate change in practice, such as climate funds that will be the focus of this thesis.

At the same time climate funds are supposed to operationalize climate funding in appropriate ways. The technical nature of operationalizations hide that many of the issues are inherently political, making the operationalization of climate funds a contentious field of climate governance. The aim is to analyze the political dimensions of global climate finance governance and the conflicts related to these dimensions.

The overarching research questions are: What major contradictions, ambiguities and conflicts and can be identified in the GCF? How are contradictions, conflicts and ambiguities managed by the GCF and how does this shape the representation of issues and actors in the GCF, what aspects becomes prominent or subordinated in the operationalization of the GCF?"