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Slutseminarium Arja Källbom: Painting Treatments of Weather Exposed Ferrous Heritage. Guidance Principles and Working Procedures Considering Material Characteristics and Craft Skills of Linseed Oils and Paints

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Kulturvård högre seminarium. Slutseminarium Anja Källbom. Alla är välkomna!

21 okt 2020
15:00 - 17:00
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Det kan också finnas möjlighet för ett mycket begränsat antal åhörare att följa seminariet i Mittsalen, Geovetarcentrum. Om du vill följa seminariet på plats, vänligen kontakta Katarina Saltzman

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Extern granskare: Kerstin Lyckman Gevert, Mandelgren AB

The inquiry is on the tangible and intangible characteristics of the anticorrosive linseed oil paint, to the paint layers´ response to atmospheric deterioration, to the aspects of improved life-time and quality of the paint treatments. By using appropriate and authentic paint types, to keep up the associated painting skills, using evidence-based working procedures and control methods, the chance of sustainable maintenance and management increase.  The theme holds architectural painting and paintmaking crafts for linseed oil paints, especially so called Armour Paint (pansarfärg). AP was used from early 1900 to about mid-century for anticorrosive treatments and the concept includes red-lead primers with top coats of micaceous iron oxide and aluminium containing linseed oil paints. By characterising selected linseed oils and Armour Paint, I intend to formulate some guidance principles about what paint material characteristics and painting skills that are important in order to get sustainable results in anticorrosive treatments of heritage objects, and to exemplify this in selected typical, relevant working procedures. 

The dissertation thesis contains at the moment four published or submitted papers in the field of characteristics of linseed oil paint and craft skills. 

Arja’s manuscript is available for those who want to read or just have a look at it before the seminar. Please send an email to arja.kallbom@conservation.gu.se or arja@stationormaryd.se to get a copy.