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Sea and Society Talk: Planning the ocean – how law shapes nature

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How can municipal planning be a part of a modern system for adaptive management of the marine environment? Aron Westholm is a legal researcher interested in how law shapes nature, and vice versa. In this talk he will discuss the Swedish and European systems for marine spatial planning, a process that brings together multiple users of the ocean to make informed and coordinated decisions about how to use marine resources sustainably.

10 jun 2021
12:05 - 13:00
Zoom webinar
Sista anmälningsdag
9 juni 2021

Aron Westholm, forskare, juridiska institutionen, Göteborgs universitet
Centrum för hav och samhälle
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Aron Westholm
Aron Westholm

The talk will focus on how the dispersion of planning competence across levels of administration affects the overall objectives of marine spatial planning. The talk will depart from calls of adaptive approaches to management and show how this can be accommodated by formulating legal structures that are based on an understanding of the interconnectedness of social and natural systems.

About the speaker

Aron Westholm is a legal researcher and his research mainly covered marine and freshwater management regimes and on June 4 he will defend his thesis “Scaling Marine and Water Management”. Aron is one of the hosts of the Ocean Governance Podcast, which is produced by the Ocean Governance Group at the Department of Law at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg. 

About Sea and Society Talks

Sea and Society Talks  is a lunch seminar series organized by Centre for Sea and Society focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The seminars link goal 14 "Life below water" with the other 16 goals. 

Link to zoom webinar will be sent out after registration.