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Roundtable: Can Covid-19 Help us Re-read the Past of Science and Politics?

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En del av konferensen "Sputniks och Tjernobyls århundrade: vetenskapen och de europeiska vänsterpartierna under 1900-talet"

20 apr 2021
15:30 - 17:00

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This public webinar roundtable is part of the conference "The Century of Sputnik and Chernobyl: Science and the European Left during the Twentieth Century."

The civic responsibility of historians is to reread the past to better understand the present. However, it is also important to have the humility to learn from the present. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed connections between science and all fields of society, culture and politics that we could not imagine before. It is fair to assume that these problems have always existed, but we failed to recognise them. How did scientific expertise shape past government policies? How did the successes and failures of science shape the ideas of people in the past? Why do historians often forget the impact of science in the past? Only by exploring the past we can solve the problems of the present, but only awareness of present trends can give us new tools to write history.

For additional information, contact the conference organizer, Ettore Costa (ettore.costa@lir.gu.se).