Redovisningar Mastersarbeten Biologi

Naturvetenskap & IT


23 maj 2023
24 maj 2023
25 maj 2023
10:00 - 17:00
11:00 - 17:00
09:00 - 16:00
Zoologen, Medicinaregatan 18 A, Botanhuset Carl Skottsbergs gata 22 B + Zoom
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Tuesday May 23 Zoologen


Fred Halldén (Conservation biology, 60 hp)

Exploring population genetics and spatial distribution of pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) in lake Hjälmaren, Sweden, using acoustic telemetry and microsatellite data

Opponent: Carl-Johan Dekker


Amanda Trail (Conservation biology, 60 hp)

Invasive and native gobiid species compete with the commercially important Atlantic cod:  A potential reinforcement mechanism for an altered ecological regime on the Swedish West coast

Opponent: Andreas Källman

Lunch break


Celia Oni (Conservation biology, 60 hp)

How equity affects farmers likelihood to cooperate in conservation efforts

Opponent: Malin Johansson


Josefin Holm (Conservation biology, 30 hp)

Monitoring alien or invasive species – a comparison between traditional methods (eRAS) and DNA-based identification of species in harbors

Opponent: Melissa Miranda

Short break for coffe


Andreas Källman (Conservation biology, 45 hp)

Hibernation preferences of the Northern bat (Eptesicus nilssonii)

Opponent: Isidora Dundjerovic


Linnéa Svensson (Conservation biology, 60 hp)

Biogeography of two freshwater fish communities in South Pacific Costa Rica: Evaluating non-invasive census methods for effective conservation

Opponent: Vera Ruijs

Wednesday May 24 Zoologen


Faiza Tahsin Rashid (Physiology & cell biology, 60 hp)

Role of Androgen receptor signaling in the differentiation and activation of human plasmacytoid dendritic cells

Opponent: Christopher Liechti

Lunch break


Christopher Liechti (Physiology & cell biology, 60 hp)

Behavioural toxicity of conventional vs. biobased and marine recycled polymers in European perch and netted dog whelk

Opponent: Faiza Tahsin Rashid


Isidora Dundjerovic (Physiology & cell biology, 45 hp)

Heart rate as an indicator of stress in Gotland’s Russ horses

Opponent: Rebecka Relfsson

Break for coffee & cake ca. 14.15-15.00


Malin Olsson (Conservation biology, 60 hp)

The Bzzt of Friends: Interspecific competition in Arctic plants for pollination services

Opponent: Stina Skånhoff


Carl-Johan Dekker (Conservation biology, 60 hp)

Invasive plant species in Southwest Sweden - Evaluating methods of removal by empirical study and literature review

Opponent: Linnéa Svensson

Thursday May 25 Botan


Vera Ruijs (Evolutionary & behavioural ecology, 60 hp)

Investigating the use of olfactory cues to re-direct African savannah elephant pathways: a potential conflict mitigation tool

Opponent: Amanda Trail

Short break for coffe


Rebecka Relfsson (Biodiversity & systematics, 60 hp)

African elephants’ effect on temporal use of elephant highways by predator and prey

Opponent: Celia Oni


Melissa Miranda (Biodiversity & systematics, 30 hp)

Estimating historic ranges of extinct scavenging birds from North America during the late Pleistocene using co-occurrence data from the fossil record

Opponent: Daniel Bäck

Lunch break


Stina Skånhoff (Conservation biology, 60 hp)

Examining plant trait plasticity and implications for future community dynamics in response to warming in the high arctic

Opponent: Josefin Holm


Daniel Bäck (Biodiversity & systematics, 30 hp)

Taxonomic overview of common valerians (Valeriana officinalis aggr.) in Sweden: A preliminary study

Opponent: Sebastián Giraldo Gómez

Short break for coffe


Sebastián Giraldo Gómez (Biodiversity & systematics, 60 hp)

Phylogeny and evolution of flower symmetry of Posoqueria (Rubiaceae)

Opponent: Malin Olsson