Plug & Play? Stakeholders’ co-meaningmaking of gamification implementations in workplace learning environments

Naturvetenskap & IT

Adam Palmquist disputerar i ämnet tillämpad informationsteknologi med inriktning mot utbildningsvetenskap.

3 feb 2023
13:00 - 15:30
Torg Grön, Hus Patricia, Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi, Forskningsgången 6, Campus Lindholmen, Göteborg
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Although the stakeholder concept is considered indispensable in several gamification fields, it is not commonly studied in the gamified learning context. This dissertation analyses stakeholder aspirations for gamification in workplace learning through five empirical studies representing four groups Administrators, Leaders, Providers and Users.

The outcome indicates that stakeholders are a significant aspect of integrating gamification in an organisation’s digital ecosystem. Three interdependent bipolar dimensions attributed to gamified learning technologies are exhibited, indicating that stakeholders’ dissimilar aspirations of gamification influence the implementation process to a high degree. Unaddressed attributions might bring disruption among the stakeholders and negatively impact the implementation process.
The finding raises awareness that stakeholder aspirations of gamification influence the implementation process. Stakeholders should be discussed to circumvent resource-demanding impediments and facilitate endorsement. As stakeholders having gamification co-meaningmaking can enable endorsement, a model, STAGA, is designed to comprehend and accommodate their aspirations. By visualising stakeholders’ gamification aspirations, STAGA informs the design- development- and implementation process, intending to simplify gamification endorsement in workplace learning environments.


Professor Frode Guribye, Department of Information Science and Media Studies, Universitetet i Bergen, Norge


  • Professor Annika Waern, Institutionen för informatik och media, Uppsala universitet
  • Professor Anders Mørch, Institutt for pedagogikk, Oslo Universitet, Norge
  • Docent Olga Viberg, Medieteknik & Interaktionsdesign, KTH

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