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Lindholmen Software Development Day

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Software for Sustainability - Can ones and zeros save the world?

28 okt 2021
09:00 - 16:30
Main Hall, Lindholmen Conference Centre

This year's theme - Software for Sustainability

How do we use software to create a long-term sustainable society? Can new technologies save us from threatening resource shortages, the growing greenhouse effect, or social and economic challenges?

Yes, they can! But we need to speed up our mindset transformation and use the software as building blocks and enablers. Every company will become a value business, developing new innovative strategies through selling products to selling solutions that save time, costs, and the environment.

We can see a shift in focus from hardware to software solutions in more and more businesses. Many have the technology, but the required culture, insights, and mindset might not be in place or differ between industries.

At Lindholmen Software Development Day, we will see exciting and inspiring cases from companies and domains at the forefront of using software to become competitive and solve sustainability challenges. The event is an enabler for collaboration to bring future success in software development in Sweden and offer cutting-edge open seminars and a meeting place for industry, academia, and society.