Introduktionsseminarium: Measuring the impact of changes in land use on biodiversity – utilizing the massive data availability for birds

Naturvetenskap & IT

Introduktionsseminarium med doktorand Heléne Aronsson

15 dec 2021
14:00 - 15:00
Hörsalen, Botanhuset + Zoom
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In this project, we will implement macroecological information as a tool to better inform decision-makers, industries, and businesses in sustainable development. We will acquire spatial and ecological data from large global repositories online as well as compile our own data when necessary and then translate this information into metrics to better assess when and where industries and operations have the largest negative impact on biodiversity. Using birds, one of the most well-studied groups on earth with extensive data available in terms of georeferenced data and ecological data we will explore the relationships between changes in land use and changes in population size for species.