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Ingegärd Eliasson, Eva Gustavsson och Susanne Fredholm: Min plats i biosfären

Kultur & språk

Kulturvård högre seminarium. Alla är välkomna!

2 dec 2020
15:00 - 17:00

In this seminar, Ingegärd Eliasson and Eva Gustavsson will present result from two projects carried out in parallel during 2017-2020. The first project was a three-year research project funded by the Swedish National Heritage Board and the second project was a two-year communication project, funded by Formas (A Swedish research council for sustainable development). Other members of the project group are Susanne Fredholm, Igor Knez and practitioners from Lake Vänern Museum and Lake Vänern Archipelago Biosphere Reserve.

The aim with the research project was to investigate the role of cultural heritage and the historic environment in sustainable landscape management with focus on the relation between cultural ecosystem services, such as cultural heritage and place identity, and human well-being. An interdisciplinary research group used surveys, interviews and archive data to investigate opinions, feelings and judgments of respondents in the case study area, Lake Vänern Archipelago Biosphere Reserve.

The transdisciplinary communication project was carried out by the research group in collaboration with practitioners from the biosphere reserve and the Lake Vänern Museum. The aim was to communicate results from the research project through three communication channels i.e. a popular science publication, a travelling outdoor exhibition and films, in order to address target groups beyond academia.

Publications from the project thus far:

This seminar is planned to be held in English.