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Green transformation – challenges, responsibilities and possible solutions – Prins Bertil-seminariet 2023

Samhälle & ekonomi

Former IPCC-chair and economics professor Christian Gollier will discuss the role of alternative climate policies, climate finance, corporate responsibilities, and environmental activism. After the presentation a panel discussion between researchers and the business community will take place.

14 nov 2023
14:00 - 16:00
Handelshögskolan, Malmstensalen, Göteborg
Sista anmälningsdag
11 november 2023

Who should do what to make sure that we stay below a 2°C increase in temperature this century? How should we reorganize our social and economic system to make sure that socially desirable actions are actually performed?

Professor Christian Gollier, from the Toulouse School of Economics and co-author of IPCC reports, will talk about the necessity and the possibilities for a green transformation. He will explain why one should compare the cost of any mitigation effort of CO2 to what economists call the “carbon value”, which measures the societal benefit of not emitting this CO2. To align the myriad of private interests with the Common Good, he will explain why governments should impose a uniform carbon price (or tax) equaling this carbon value, but he will also discuss the role of alternative climate policies, corporate responsibilities, and environmental activism.

After this presentation there will be a panel discussion with Christian Gollier, Åsa Löfgren (department of Economics, GU) and a representative of the business community. This discussion will be moderated by Susanne Stenberg (RISE).