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Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre GGBC Annual meeting

Naturvetenskap & IT

Day 1: Changing perspectives for a biodiversity-friendly future Day 2: Biodiversity research insights and highlights

7 dec 2020 - 8 dec 2020
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3 december 2020
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GGBC Annual

Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre
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Monday Dec. 7: Changing perspectives for a biodiversity-friendly future

13:00 Welcome! Allison Perrigo, GGBC Director

13:05 GGBC in 2020: Review of accomplishments and progress. Heléne Aronsson, GGBC Coordinator

13:20 Meet our public partners: Speed introductions

13:30 Keynote: Niklas Harring from the University of Gothenburg and the Centre for Collective Action Research: “Why don't people who are concerned about biodiversity loss and climate change take (enough) action”

14:00 Break

14:15 Speed talks: Attitudes and public knowledge about biodiversity

14:35 Brainstorming and small group discussions: Tools for change

14:55 Summary and closing

Tuesday Dec. 8: Biodiversity research insights and highlights

10:00 Welcome

10:05 Meet our university partners: Speed introductions

10:25 Speed talks: New member initiatives in the GGBC research network

10:50 Break

11:00 Speed talks: Research highlights from GGBC members

11:50 Biodiversity in Action! Photo competition winner announcement.  See below for competition details.

11:55 Summary and closing