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TechnAct conference

Futures of Feminist and Queer Solidarities: Connectivity, Materiality, and Mobility in a Digitalized World


What is the future of feminist and queer solidarities? Does it lie in digitalized transnational encounters or community-based small-scale local practices? Can solidarity, as a transformative kind of connectivity, open up a possibility of the ‘not yet’? What new inequalities and tensions occur through digitalization of solidarities in feminist, queer and environmental struggles? How can de-growth be conceptualized as a form of solidarity in the context of feminist, indigenous and queer of colour critiques of dispossession, extraction and dislocation?

30 sep 2020
Hela dagen
International Online Conference, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
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Starting from a set of troubling questions on the futures of feminist and queer solidarities, this online conference seeks to explore, historicize and rethink the ways in which solidarity, connectivity, materiality, and mobility have been shaped in various constellations of feminist and queer movements and scholarship. The organizers invite contributions that further theorize these dynamics in order to disrupt colonialisms and capitalisms, and their variant manifestations through ecocide, militarism, authoritarianisms, precarization, violence, and inequality. Of particular interest are the explorations of feminist and queer solidarities through the framework of transnationally entangled presents and histories to further theorize the various ways in which connectivities, materialities, and mobilities occur. With this conference we seek to influence future agendas for building solidarities, liveabilities, memories, communities and spaces/places in a shared world.

Confirmed keynote speakers

Aristea Fotopoulou KRI Innovation Fellow/AHRC Leadership Fellow, the University of Brighton, UK

Adi Kuntsman Senior Lecturer in Digital Politics, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK


Conference format

Futures of Feminist and Queer Solidarities is an explorative conference in a small format. Across the three days of the conference, all presentations will take place through an online platform with no offline activities and no necessity to travel. The platform will open two weeks before the conference and participants will be invited to read and comment on each other’s extended abstracts on the online platform. Paper presentations can be pre-recorded and uploaded to the platform or presented live online. Please note that each presentation should not be longer than 15 minutes. A chat space will be open for questions and comments to the presenters.


Abstract submission deadline: May 30, 2020.