Portrait of Linus Brunnström
Linus Brunnström, Doctor in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management, has evaluated the Maritime Bohuslän project.

Effects of coaching and the pandemic on local marine entrepreneurship

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How have businesses in the maritime sector managed during the Pandemic? Can coaching actually help grow blue businesses? In this Sea and Society Talk Linus Brunnström presents an evaluation of the project Maritime Bohuslän.

7 okt 2021
12:05 - 13:00
Zoom webinar
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7 oktober 2021

Linus Brunnström, Doctor in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management of Intellectual Assets, University of Gothenburg.
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About the speaker

Linus Brunnström is a Doctor in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management of Intellectual Assets at the University of Gothenburg.  He has evaluated the Maritime Bohuslän project that aimed at supporting entrepreneurship in Bohuslän. He will present potential research outcomes of the project and discuss how universities can engage with society by evaluating large bipartisan projects.

About the project

The project Maritime Bohuslän was a three year project that focused on development of maritime science tourism, transport and marine food in Bohuslän, Sweden. The project is based around an innovation arena fostering collaboration between companies, researchers and public actors.

Video (03:26)
Maritim utveckling Bohuslän
Learn more about the project Maritime Bohuslän (Maritim utveckling Bohuslän). In Swedish.

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