Different Knowledges in Silenced Stories and the Role of Education

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Symposiet "Different Knowledges in Silenced Stories and The Role of Education" är en del av seminarieserien, "I CANNOT BE FREE WHEN YOU ARE NOT FREE" och är ett samarbete mellan Göteborgs universitet och Kvinnofolkhögskolan. Symposiet ges på engelska. Varmt välkommen!

29 maj 2023
17:30 - 19:30
Campus Pedagogen, hus A, lokal: AK2 136, Västra Hamngatan 25.

Lory Dance
Gabrielle Högstadius
Renee Sans Souci
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Symposiet ges på engelska.
Göteborgs universitet i samarbete med Kvinnofolkhögskolan

Om symposiet

This symposium will ask us to consider non-Western or non-conventional ways of knowing (aka epistemologies) and doing (aka methodologies). Three activist-intellectuals and educators with ties to civil society will share their knowledge and experiences. More specifically, they will share highly topical, crucial, and current-day decolonizing practices that contest colonizing legacies.

Renee Sans Souci will share Indigenous Umonhon (Omaha) knowledges regarding reverence for and connections with Mother Earth.

Lory Dance will share grassroots methods of working respectfully and collaboratively with Indigenous and other underrepresented communities who have histories of involuntary geographical relocation.

Gabrielle Högstadius, based on her knowledge of Swedish colonialism's history towards Sápmi and her experiences from the course "Stories from Sápmi," is going to have a conversation with Lory Dance and Reene Sans Souci.