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Climate Café end seminar

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The city and water in a warmer climate - how can we create positive development with the help of nature? Welcome to the digital end seminar for the climate café in Gothenburg and Mölndal

11 jun 2021
09:00 - 12:00
Skype webinar
No fee
Sista anmälningsdag
28 maj 2021

Water district authority of Skagerrak and Kattegat and University of Gothenburg.
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Water is vital, but can also be life-threatening. A warmer climate can lead to water shortages, floods, polluted water and extremely high temperatures. How can we counteract this and at the same time create beautiful environments that also have functions for recreation, health, biodiversity and water management?

The Dutch helped build Gothenburg in the 17th century. Now, 400 years later, the Dutch are once again turning their attention to the city, this time to discuss climate adaptation. Both students and teachers and professors from Hanze University in the Netherlands will participate in the discussions.


The climate café lasts a whole week and is about exploring and paying attention to both the climate problem and interdisciplinary solutions to adapt the city to a warmer climate with higher water levels and at the same time make it more attractive. In addition, we also highlight the importance of the catchment area that stores and supplies clean water to the city while contributing valuable local nature to urban areas.

The purpose of the final seminar for the climate café is to compile the results from this week's workshops, but also have the opportunity to increase awareness of climate adaptations in the cities of Gothenburg and Mölndal and together perhaps find new good solutions adapted to the area we are in.

About Climate Café

The climate café is a workshop concept where students from universities from different subject areas meet and collaborate to gain insight into, for example, vulnerability and the need for knowledge and communication about climate adaptation in urban areas. The concept of climate café was developed at Hanze University in the Netherlands and the method has been tested in various urban areas around the world since 2014. And now it's Gothenburg and Mölndal's turn!

The café will be online 7–11 June 2021 and will end with this final seminar.