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Job opportunities - About the University, University of Gothenburg, Sweden Till startsida
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To apply for a position at the University of Gothenburg you have to register an account in our recruitment system, answer the questions asked, and attach the requested appendices.

Please note that your application must be submitted no later than 23.59 hours (GMT+1) on the specified deadline date.

If you have questions about the advertised position, please contact any of the contact persons in the specific announcement.

Should you encounter technical problems in connection with your registration or when submitting your application, please contact


Job Application
Type of employment Reference no
Research Assistant2020-03-11Fixed termPAR 2020/261
Visiting Lecturer in mathematics or in mathematical statistics2020-03-25Fixed termPAR 2020/231
Postdoctor in molecular asthma immunology2020-03-23Fixed termPAR 2020/163
Postdoctor in Formal Methods2020-03-19Fixed termPAR 2020/257
Postdoctoral Fellow in neurogastroenterology2020-03-19Fixed termPAR 2020/253
Postdoctoral Fellow in gastrointestinal symptom research2020-03-19Fixed termPAR 2020/254
Education Assistants in Geology2020-03-08Fixed termPAR 2020/100
Researcher engineer in molecular medicine2020-03-18Open endedPAR 2020/240
PhD student in Formal Methods, LegalTech2020-04-15Fixed termPAR 2020/234
Postdoctoral Researcher in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and Classical Philology2020-03-31Fixed termPAR 2020/251
Data analyst to the Department of Political Science and GLD2020-03-05Fixed termPAR 2020/246
Postdoctoral fellow in Molecular microbiology and antibiotic resistance2020-03-17Fixed termPAR 2020/239
PhD student in marine geology and environmental micropaleontology2020-03-31Fixed termPAR 2020/243
Associate Senior Lecturer in translational molecular medicine2020-05-10Fixed termPAR 2020/228
Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering2020-03-24Open endedPAR 2020/245
Post-doctor in Environmental Economics2020-04-30Fixed termPAR 2020/215
Postdoctoral researcher - Care science with a focus on person-centred care and drug use2020-03-16Fixed termPAR 2020/217
Researcher2020-03-16Fixed termPAR 2020/237
PhD student in Physics2020-03-16Fixed termPAR 2020/233
Researcher in single particle catalysis2020-03-16Fixed termPAR 2020/191
Senior Lecturer in Mathematics2020-04-15Open endedPAR 2020/220
Associate Senior Lecturer in Bioinformatics directed towards translational medicine2020-05-10Fixed termPAR 2020/229
Postdoctoral Researcher in Practical Philosophy at the Lund Gothenburg Responsibility Project (LGRP)2020-03-31Fixed termPAR 2019/1200
Professor in Craft specialising in Ceramic Art2020-04-20Fixed termPAR 2019/1455
Postdoc in Computational Mathematics2020-03-26Fixed termPAR 2020/219
Researcher2020-03-13Fixed termPAR 2020/170
Postdoc: Modelling Species’ Range Expansions in Marine Environments2020-04-30Fixed termPAR 2020/216
Ph.D. candidate in molecular ecology of flat oysters2020-04-19Fixed termPAR 2020/210
Postdoctoral Fellow in microbiota and metabolism2020-03-10Fixed termPAR 2020/213
Professor of Education, with a commission related to Universeum2020-04-15Open endedPAR 2020/214
Doctoral student in Pharmaceutical Science - Molecular Pharmacokinetics2020-03-16Fixed termPAR 2020/119
Postdoctor in Secure Software Engineering2020-03-19Fixed termPAR 2019/1306
Researcher2020-03-09Fixed termPAR 2020/208
PhD student in psychology, with specialization in cognitive psychology/cognitive neuroscience2020-03-30Fixed termPAR 2020/157
Researcher2020-03-09Fixed termPAR 2020/132
Researcher2020-03-05Fixed termPAR 2020/185
Researcher2020-03-05Fixed termPAR 2020/197
Postdoctor in Biomaterials2020-03-04Fixed termPAR 2020/187
Scientific editor with focus on medicine2020-03-19Open endedPAR 2020/168
Postdoc position in Analytical Chemistry / Molecular Biology / Microbiology2020-02-28Fixed termPAR 2019/1260
Researcher position in physiology at the Department of Marine Science2020-02-28Fixed termPAR 2020/35
Postdoctoral position in Microbiology / Molecular Biology2020-02-28Fixed termPAR 2019/1259
Postdoctor in neuroimmunology2020-03-04Fixed termPAR 2020/192
Data Manager to the Department of Political Science and GLD2020-03-25Fixed termPAR 2020/178
Researcher2020-03-04Fixed termPAR 2020/186
Researcher2020-03-03Fixed termPAR 2020/184
Researcher2020-03-03Fixed termPAR 2020/167
Researcher2020-03-03Fixed termPAR 2020/179
Postdoctor in Biodiversity Research/Computational Biology2020-03-21Fixed termPAR 2020/27
Researcher2020-03-03Fixed termPAR 2020/153
Researcher in computational biology / molecular phylogenetics2020-03-21Open endedPAR 2020/26
Researcher2020-02-28Open endedPAR 2020/165
MSCA-Doctoral student in Medical Science - Biomaterials-Cell biology2020-03-31Fixed termPAR 2020/18
Doctoral student in Mathematics2020-03-06Fixed termPAR 2020/155
Researcher position in atmospheric science with emphasis on molecular-level modelling of organic aerosol processes2020-02-27Fixed termPAR 2020/4
PhD student in Physics2020-02-27Fixed termPAR 2020/158
Researcher2020-02-27Fixed termPAR 2020/57
Doctoral student in Basic Medicine, 4 positions2020-02-27Fixed termPAR 2020/19
MSCA-Doctoral student in Medical Science - Biomaterials-Microbiology2020-03-31Fixed termPAR 2020/17
First Researcher Engineer at the Swedish NMR Centre2020-03-12Open endedPAR 2019/1635
Doctoral student in Applied Mathematics2020-03-06Fixed termPAR 2020/152
Postdoctor in psychology with a specialization in cognitive neuroscience2020-03-12Fixed termPAR 2020/134
Researcher in computational mathematics2020-03-15Fixed termPAR 2020/123
PhD student in genetics2020-03-30Fixed termPAR 2020/142
Doctoral position in Literature2020-03-15Fixed termPAR 2020/92
Doctoral position in History of Ideas and Science2020-03-15Fixed termPAR 2020/93
PhD student in history2020-03-02Fixed termPAR 2020/53
PhD student in Archaeology2020-03-02Fixed termPAR 2020/54
Doctoral position in Religion2020-03-15Fixed termPAR 2020/83
1-2 Post-doctoral scholars in Economic History2020-02-28Fixed termPAR 2020/66
PhD Position in Software Engineering with a focus on “Non-functional Requirements for Machine Learning”2020-03-01Fixed termPAR 2020/80
Postdoctoral Researcher, one or several, in Computational linguistics2020-04-30Fixed termPAR 2019/1592
Doctoral student in Sociology (project)2020-02-27Fixed termPAR 2019/1620
Senior lecturer in Mathematical Statistics (data science)2020-02-29Open endedPAR 2019/1469
Doctoral position in artificial intelligence and political language with the GRIPES project2020-04-15Fixed termPAR 2019/1471

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