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Job opportunities - About the University, University of Gothenburg, Sweden Till startsida
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To apply for a position at the University of Gothenburg you have to register
an account in our recruitment system, answer the questions asked, and
attach the requested appendices.

Please note that your application must be submitted no later than 23.59 hours
(GMT+1) on the specified deadline date.

If you have questions about the advertised position, please contact any of the
contact persons in the specific announcement.

Should you encounter technical problems in connection with your registration
or when submitting your application, please contact


Job Application
Type of employment Reference no
Researcher2019-02-15Permanent employmentPAR 2019/101
Technician: Marine evolutionary biology2019-02-11Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/49
Postdoc: Marine population genomics2019-02-11Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/50
PhD student: Marine evolutionary genomics2019-02-11Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/51
Head of Unit for Fine Arts and Crafts2019-03-07Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/97
Researcher, Core Facilities.2019-02-07Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/92
Postdoctoral position in psychology with a focus on sustainable transport and environmental psychology2019-02-11Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1835
Postdoctoral researchers in informatics2019-02-08Time limited employment (temporary)
Postdoctoral Fellow in Molecular Adipocyte Metabolism2019-02-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/63
Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Laboratory Science with focus in laboratory medicine2019-02-11Permanent employmentPAR 2018/1530
Senior Lecturer in Infection Immunology2019-02-18Permanent employmentPAR 2018/1529
Receptionist/konferensvärd2019-01-23Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/73
Postdoctoral Fellow in Intestinal and Pulmonary pH and Mucus System2019-02-15Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/64
Researcher2019-02-08Permanent employmentPAR 2019/85
Researcher in Structure and Function of peptide-based toxins2019-02-17Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/91
Postdoc in Chemical Synthesis of Switchable Peptide-based Nanopores2019-02-17Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/88
Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Laboratory Science with focus in laboratory medicine2019-02-11Permanent employmentPAR 2018/1531
Associate Researcher with focus on data management to the Department of Political Science and GLD2019-01-27Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/57
Researcher2019-02-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/59
Doctoral Studentship in Economic Geography2019-03-01Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1610
8-9 Doctoral Studentships in Business Administation2019-03-01Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1608
Researcher2019-02-07Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/60
Postdoc in Chemical Synthesis of Bioactive Peptides and Membrane-associated Proteins2019-02-17Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/81
Researcher2019-02-07Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/87
Associate Researcher to the Department of Political Science and the V-Dem Institute2019-01-27Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/58
Biträdande forskare till Statsvetenskapliga institutionen och V-Dem Institutet2019-01-27Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/58
Projektadministratör2019-02-04Permanent employmentPAR 2019/35
Postdoctoral Fellow in osteoporosis2019-02-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/74
Researcher2019-02-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/72
Researcher2019-02-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/70
Postdoctoral Fellow in neuroimmunobiology2019-02-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/66
Two associate researchers2019-02-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/65
PhD student position in Health Care Sciences - Do you want to develop opioid sparing care?2019-02-19Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/12
PhD student position in Medical Science - Human and Molecular genetics of Hyperlipidemia2019-02-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/13
MSCA-PhD student position in Medical Science - Magnesium based implants2019-02-18Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1746
Full Professor in Physiotherapy2019-02-15Permanent employmentPAR 2018/1661
Säkerhetstekniker2019-02-03Permanent employmentPAR 2019/39
Research Assistant2019-02-04Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/38
Researcher2019-02-04Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/41
PhD student position in Medical Science - New therapies against septic arthritis2019-02-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/14
Post doctoral fellow (1-2) to the Department of Political Science and the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication2019-02-18Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/20
Researcher2019-02-03Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/37
Researcher2019-02-03Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/26
Researcher2019-02-03Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/36
Researcher in vaccine response evaluation2019-02-01Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/16
PhD student position in Medical Science - Improved nuclear medicine image quality2019-02-04Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/10
Researcher in environmental economics- capacity building2019-02-04Permanent employmentPAR 2019/4
Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology2019-02-28Permanent employmentPAR 2018/1739
Konferensvärd2019-01-23Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1796
PhD student position in Health Care Sciences - Design of birthing rooms and the effect on labour and birth2019-02-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/8
Researcher2019-01-24Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1741
Researcher2019-01-30Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/25
Researcher2019-01-29Permanent employmentPAR 2019/22
Algal-bacterial interactions2019-02-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2019/21
Doctoral Student in climatology/physical oceanography2019-01-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1815
PhD-position in Work Science2019-02-14Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1600
PhD-position in Sociology within the project The Challenges of Polarization on the Swedish Labour Market2019-02-14Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1599
PhD-position in Sociology2019-02-14Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1598
PhD student position in Health Care Sciences - Cultural and religious encounters within palliativ care2019-01-28Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1759
PhD Student in Subject Matter Education with specialization in sustainable development2019-02-17Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1813
Doctoral position in international law within the project Genocide, Gendercide and Resistance2019-02-25Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1799
One to two doctoral positions in law2019-02-25Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1787
Associate Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor, tenure track) in Political Science2019-02-03Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1728
Doctoral Position in Environmental Social Science2019-02-13Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1764
Doctoral Position in Environmental Social Science2019-02-13Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1763
Doctoral Position in Peace and Development Research2019-02-13Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1755
Associate Senior Lecturer in Physical Oceanography2019-02-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/504
Senior webbutvecklare2019-01-31Permanent employmentPAR 2018/1770
PhD student in social work2019-02-12Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1487
Postdoc position in Analytical Chemistry / Molecular Biology / Microbiology2019-02-01Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1773
Postdoctoral researcher2019-02-01Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1667
PhD position in Analytical Chemistry / Molecular Biology / Microbiology2019-02-01Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1615
Doctoral Student in Musical Performance and Interpretation2019-03-01Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1757
PhD position in Medical Science - Adiponectin and Rheumatoid Arthritis2019-01-28Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1631
Senior Lecturer in Asthma and allergy research2019-01-31Permanent employmentPAR 2018/967
Full Professor in Asthma and allergy research, with a possibility to be combined with a position as consultant2019-01-31Permanent employmentPAR 2018/1179
PhD student in Financial Economics2019-01-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1711
Doctoral studentship position (PhD student) in Political Science associated with the research project "Governance of Collective Action: The Case of Antibiotic Policy in the European Union"2019-02-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1670
3-4 doctoral studentship positions (PhD students) in Political Science2019-02-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1669
3-6 positions in the PhD Program in Economics2019-01-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1550

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