University of Gothenburg
A whitecoloured Remotely Operated Vehicle photographed by diver in the sea
The Remotely Operated Vehicle Sperre SUB-fighter 7500 DC
Photo: NN

SUB-fighter 7500 DC

In addition to documentation through filming, this ROV is useful for collecting organisms in a sampler box. Thanks to its larger size, it is also convenient to deploy and recover larger instruments.

Manufacturer: Sperre AS, Notodden, Norway
Model: SUB-fighter 7500 DC
Length • width • height (cm): 125 • 79 • 83
Weight: 320 kg
Thrusters: 5 pcs • 1100 W/pc
Maximum speed: 2 knots
Maximum depth: 700 metres
Length of existing cable: 150 metres

Equipped with:

  • Video camera HD, 2 video cameras 720•576 pixels, still camera
  • Halogen lights
  • Five-function manipulator
  • Sampler box
  • CTD
  • Oxygen meter (optode)
  • Turbidity meter
  • Sonar
  • Instrument with laser points, for size assessment of objects
  • Acoustic positioning system (transducer on R/V Nereus, transponder on ROV)

Used on: R/V Nereus

Purchased: 2004